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Top Software for Standard Operating Procedures in 2024

Top Software for Standard Operating Procedures

As a business owner or manager with a growing business, creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure your teams thrive is crucial. Documented procedures minimize errors and speed up new employee training, empowering your team to deliver top-notch customer service. This article will cover the top 10 tools for creating SOPs and helping your team build and maintain effective procedures that can grow with your organization.

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What Are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed, step-by-step instructions that help team members carry out everyday tasks efficiently and effectively. They ensure everyone knows what needs to be done, how, and who is responsible for each task.

What can SOPs do for you?

  • Improve Consistency: Clear and concise steps ensure every team member delivers the same quality every time.
  • Increase Productivity: Defined processes mean team members know exactly what to do, reducing confusion and eliminating the need to interrupt colleagues or the boss.
  • Provide Greater Autonomy: The right software tool for SOPs allows any team member quick access, empowering them to make decisions that drive the business forward.
  • Preserve Knowledge: Documented procedures ensure that knowledge isn’t lost when an employee leaves or moves to a different department, providing new hires and promoted team members with essential information.
  • Reduce Errors: Well-written SOPs with clear steps and checklists prevent reliance on memory, significantly reducing missed steps, mistakes, and human error.

Top 7 Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) Software Tools in 2024

1. Notion

Notion’s Standard Operating Procedures application is all you need to get your organization started strong. From onboarding new hires to scaling your business, Notion will set you up for success. Outstanding features include adding workflow boards and images, creating multiple databases, defining unique properties, and embedding videos, such as Loom. Users with permission can easily edit or update existing SOPs. Notion also provides the ability to link to other content inside of Notion. Notion’s large community of users continually makes ready-to-use templates available from all areas within an organization, including human resources and project management. These templates can be easily imported into your workspace for private use or shared with users throughout your organization.

In addition to the free plan, Notion offers three pricing levels: Personal Pro, Team, and Enterprise. Visit the Notion website for an in-depth review of pricing.

2. ProcessKit

Interested in doing more than simply documenting your organization’s processes and procedures? Not only does ProcessKit allow you to build and store your organization’s documentation, but you can also trigger projects off of your documentation. ProcessKit is beginning to rival project management software tools with Kanban-style task management. With automation being a significant highlight, teams can also utilize this platform to automate and streamline repetitive tasks, keep track of progress, and scale operations by using over 1000 tools available through Zapier integration. Build and customize forms or use ProcessKit’s ready-to-use process templates and documents to make your business more predictable, scalable, and efficient.

ProcessKit includes all available features in a single plan. Visit their pricing page for details.

3. SweetProcess

SweetProcess is a robust tool that delivers simplified Standard Operating Procedures documentation. Its strengths lie in task management and knowledge sharing. SweetProcess offers one all-inclusive plan that includes all features and functions, such as process maps, API integration, version history tracking, and real-time collaboration. This solution remains an excellent choice for smaller teams that want to build with future scalability in mind. SweetProcess includes knowledge base functionality that can be made public or kept private, a very useful feature when sharing information with team members, clients, and external stakeholders.

Visit the SweetProcess pricing page to see all included features for one set price; differences in pricing if the service is paid monthly vs. yearly.

4. Trainual

Trainual excels in assisting organizations with automating training and onboarding processes. It includes one centralized system or dashboard for each identified process, policy, and procedure for all roles and responsibilities within your organization. These SOPs are easily documented and organized using text, videos, and even GIFs to define tasks and steps clearly. Trainual converts Standard Operating Procedures into step-by-step “playbooks,” enabling easy employee onboarding and process management. Ease of use ensures high adoption by new and existing team members.

Click here to see Trainual’s pricing three-tiered pricing structure.

5. Process Street

Process Street is one of the simplest ways to manage recurring workflows and consolidate team knowledge through collaborative pages and checklists. Different teams can simultaneously create templates and run multiple instances of templates. Assigning team members to tasks within a checklist is easy. Each task owner will receive notifications when tasks are due or completed. Process Street enables teams to share key processes and convert these into powerful yet straightforward no-code workflows.

Process Street has a three-tiered pricing structure, including a free forever version; click here for the pricing page.

6. SystemHub

With SystemHub, organizations can transform complicated documents and processes into intuitive Standard Operating Procedures that are easily assessable, used, updated, and maintained. As a next-generation knowledge management software tool, it is equipped with features to greatly simplify how organizations conceive, visualize, and navigate processes. SystemHub makes teams more efficient with its secure, cloud-based environment for storing, maintaining, and accessing SOPs.

7. Scribe

With Scribe software, manual process documentation is eliminated. We can take tasks that are recorded and automatically transform them into step-by-step workflow documents with text and interactive screenshots. This highly intuitive process results in less work for existing team members while creating clear and precise Standard Operating Procedures for new employees. Simply press “record,” and any team member with the proper permissions can update or create comprehensive process documentation for themselves and the team.

Scribe has a three-tiered pricing structure, including a free forever version; click here for the pricing page.


Numerous powerful SOP tools are available today, each designed to enhance your organization’s speed and efficiency. Simplify and Systematize can help you implement the best tool for your needs. Investing in one of these top tools can significantly boost whether your teams excel or struggle with documenting, updating, or maintaining standard operating procedures. By partnering with SOP specialists like Simplify and Systematize, you’ll streamline work processes, enhance employee training, and achieve higher-quality outcomes. Moreover, you’ll ensure continuous improvement by regularly updating and maintaining your knowledge base.

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Stephen Gardner is a Certified SystemOLOGIST and SOP Writing Specialist with a passion for optimizing business operations and enhancing efficiency. With extensive experience in creating streamlined processes and detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Stephen helps businesses achieve consistent and scalable growth. His expertise in systematizing operations ensures that companies can operate smoothly, save time, and increase productivity. Stephen's dedication to precision and clarity in SOP writing has made him a trusted advisor for businesses looking to refine their workflows and achieve long-term success.

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